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Ohio Honda's Spring Meet 2012

One of the fun things that come out of a group like Toledo Tuners is car shows. Getting your car ready for shows, planning where everyone will meet up, and most importantly, the actual caravan to the car show. This past Saturday, several members of Toledo Tuners made the journey to Read More

Welcome to the NEW Toledo Tuners!

Howdy folks, and welcome to the new and improved Toledo Tuners site! Over the past few months, a few dedicated members and myself have been working to redesign most of the website. There were many reasons for the redesign; the front page was very outdated (Jim White car show anyone?), the photos section had photos of...

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Make an Intro on the new forum

Once everyone gets their passwords reset, they will be able to login to the new forum. The only section of the new forum that you will see is the intro section. You'll be required to post an introduction to get access to the rest of the forum (this includes ALL existing members). Consider it a...

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When we shut down the old forums, we transferred everyone's usernames to the new site. Even though we were able to get your usernames, your passwords were in a protected format and could not be brought over to the new site. So, when you try and login to the new forum for the first time,...

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