Hey! New Stuff – ToledoTuners Track Rental Information

Hey! New Stuff – ToledoTuners Track Rental Information

Hey, remember that one time when we said the front page of TT would be updated more often than it was before? Well, it has been. Not as much as we would like, but hey, we don’t get paid for this. And to be honest, since the car show benefit (which was a huge success), we haven’t had much to update you about. But the good news is that Spring is right around the corner and that means warmer weather, hanging out in parking lots, car shows, track meets and rentals and other awesome car stuff.

ToledoTuners is once again hosting a (late) Spring track rental at Milan Dragway, and it will run from 5:00pm-8:00pm. The event is being organized by our track rental specialist Justin Jacobs, and with the help of one of his coworkers (Janet), he’s been able to set up quite an opportunity for you. Cost for a three hour rental is $60 cash or $62 if you choose to pay by paypal. Spectators will be $10 at the gate and you can bring your own beer and beverages.

Track rentals are a great time to get a lot of runs in without much interruption (that is, if no one breaks on the track).  Typically, during a $25 Test N Tune, you might get 6-7 runs in depending on the amount of people at the event. At a track rental like this, you should have no problem getting in 20 runs or so… probably more if everything goes smoothly. In reality, it’s a great value if you are getting your car dialed in or if you just want to have fun and run some passes heads up with a buddy. Call outs, grudge races, etc… they’re all welcome and encouraged!

To find out more information, check out the forums!

Here are some photos from the last track rental we had…

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